Introduction to Unicorn Robots

Unicorn robots are a series of intelligent robot products jointly developed by Thought Machine and the digital banking platform HMBradley. This series of robots is characterized by excellent performance and innovation, combined with Thought Machine's cloud native technology and its own payment processing platform (Vault Payments), as well as HMBradley's professional experience in the field of digital banking. It has become a new leader and leading technology in the field of intelligent technology.

Core product: Unicorn Digital Machine (UR)

The Unicorn Digital Machine (UR) is the core of the Unicorn robot series, relying on the company's years of accumulated banking data and strategic cooperation with HMBradley. UR utilizes advanced algorithms and mathematical models to execute automated trading strategies on various digital currency platforms worldwide, achieving low buy high sell and gaining profits from market exchange rate differentials.

Strategy design

Based on complex algorithms and mathematical models, unicorn robots design efficient trading strategies to maximize market opportunities.

Data acquisition

By monitoring market data in real-time, unicorn digital machines obtain and analyze the latest digital currency exchange rates, maintaining sensitivity to market changes.

Transaction Execution

Make decisions and execute trades at the millisecond level to quickly capture market opportunities and achieve rapid buying and selling operations.

risk management

Equipped with a powerful risk management system, it monitors transactions in real-time and conducts risk assessments to protect investment portfolios from potential significant losses.

Real time monitoring advantage

Provide comprehensive real-time monitoring functions to ensure efficient operation of robots under constantly changing market conditions.

Quick execution

Make decisions and execute trades at the millisecond level, surpassing the reaction speed of manual traders.

Eliminate emotional factors

Not affected by emotional fluctuations, eliminating the negative impact of human factors on trading.

Automation and efficiency

The highly automated features improve transaction efficiency and reduce the possibility of human errors.

Big data analysis

Process large amounts of market data, analyze through advanced algorithms and models, identify hidden patterns and trends.

Risk management

Equipped with a powerful risk management system, it monitors and evaluates potential risks in real-time.

Adaptability and learning ability

By using machine learning algorithms, it is possible to learn and adapt to market changes from historical data.

Detailed explanation of the working principle of intelligent arbitrage trading robot

In the digital currency trading market, our intelligent arbitrage trading robot utilizes efficient strategies to optimize returns. The following is a detailed explanation of its workflow:

1 Automatic monitoring

The robot continuously monitors and compares the prices of virtual currencies on various trading platforms, seeking the best arbitrage opportunities.

2 Automatic purchase

When an opportunity for a lower quote is discovered, such as at the Binance Exchange where USDT/TWD is quoted at 28.15, and at Bitoro (quoted at 29.23), the robot will automatically execute the purchase operation.

3 Automatic transfer and sale

After purchase, the robot will transfer USDT to a higher priced platform, such as Bitopro (priced at 29.23), and sell it on that platform.

Through this series of operations, the robot can achieve a profit of 1.08 USDT per transaction, with a profit margin of 0.38%. The calculation method is: (29.23-28.15) รท 28.15=0.38%.

24/7 high-frequency trading features: The robot operates 24/7, executing high-frequency trading and maximizing the utilization of price fluctuations in the market. This strategy enables robots to continuously generate stable income under various market conditions, bringing considerable returns to investors.

A simple example of buying low and selling high strategy: Apple trading

Assuming you are a small vendor looking for arbitrage opportunities. In the local market, you have discovered a profit opportunity: the apples at booth A are priced at $2 per kilogram, while the apples at adjacent booth B are priced at $2.2.

Implement low buy strategy

You have decided to purchase at the lower priced booth A. You purchased 10 kilograms of apples and spent a total of $20 (10 kilograms x $2/kilogram=$20).

Resale for profit

Then, you take these apples to booth B for sale. Due to the selling price of apples at booth B being $2.2 per kilogram, you can sell the apples you just bought at this price.

Calculate profit

At booth B, you sold 10 kilograms of apples at a price of $2.2 per kilogram, with a total revenue of $22 (10 kilograms x $2.2 per kilogram=$22). Therefore, the net profit you received from this transaction is $2 ($22- $20=$2).


This simple trading example demonstrates the direct application of the "buy low, sell high" strategy. You have successfully made a profit by purchasing goods at a lower price at one booth and selling the same goods at a higher price at another booth.

Overview of robot revenue

On the unicorn robot platform, different models of robots bring different levels of revenue potential. Each type of robot has its unique revenue structure, and as the robot level increases, its trading ability and market coverage also increase accordingly.

Level and trading ability

Higher level robots have the ability to process larger transactions.

Market coverage

High level robots can conduct transactions within a wider market range, providing more profit opportunities.

In short, choosing higher-level robots means having greater trading volume and broader market exposure, thereby increasing revenue potential.

Overview of Recommended Rewards

Inviting friends to join the UR platform and become formal part-time employees will earn you a promotion commission of 10% of the friend's first joining bonus.

For example

Inviting friends to become UR-0 level employees can earn a 1 USDT reward (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-1 level employees will earn you a 6 USDT reward (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-2 level employees can earn a reward of 18 USDT (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-3 level employees can earn a 70 USDT reward (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-4 level employees will earn you a reward of 210 USDT (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-5 level employees will earn you a 420 USDT (10%) reward.

Inviting friends to become UR-6 level employees will earn a reward of 1750 USDT (10%).

Inviting friends to become UR-7 level employees will earn a reward of 3850 USDT (10%).

Take immediate action and invite your friends to join the Unicorn platform

Don't miss this opportunity! Invite your friends to join the Unicorn platform now and explore this world full of opportunities together. Through your recommendations, not only can you help your friends discover a new source of income, but you can also receive generous referral rewards. Let's work together, share success, and work together to create more possibilities on the unicorn platform!

Overview of Team Revenue

Friends who register and start working through your link or QR code will form your team. You can earn additional commissions from the daily income of team members.

Commission structure

A-level teammates: For directly invited teammates, you can receive a 12% commission from their income.

B-level teammates: For teammates invited by A-level teammates, you can receive a 6% commission from their profits.

C-level teammates: For teammates invited by B-level teammates, you can receive a 3% commission from their income.

This hierarchical income structure aims to encourage teamwork and mutual growth, while providing additional income opportunities for each member. This means that the more members you invite, the better their job performance will be, and the more income you will receive. We encourage you to actively expand your network and increase your overall income by adding team members.

On our platform, team income is not only a short-term benefit, but also a long-term and effective source of passive income. By establishing and maintaining your team, you can achieve sustained wealth growth in your daily life - whether it's sleeping, bathing, shopping, or traveling.

Inviting friends to join us not only means providing them with opportunities to earn money and work, but also means building a stable and continuously growing income system for yourself. This team income model not only benefits your personal financial growth, but also provides the same opportunities for every member you invite.

By actively expanding your network and team, you can enjoy long-term stable financial returns while helping others achieve their financial goals. This is a mutually beneficial and win-win approach that allows you and your team members to achieve success on this platform.

Overview of Contribution Awards

In order to better support new members and recognize outstanding team members, our company has established a series of new positions. These positions aim to provide professional guidance and solutions to help new members smoothly integrate into the work environment, while ensuring that our team can effectively achieve its goals.

We are committed to creating a work environment full of motivation and support, where members who actively contribute and perform well will receive corresponding recognition and rewards. These positions not only help solve the challenges encountered in daily work, but also affirm those hardworking members. We encourage every member to actively participate and work together to achieve personal and team growth and success.

Reward level and conditions

One star rating: Recruiting 5 formal part-time employees at or above UR-1 level, with a team performance of 300 USDT or above. The reward is 24 USDT.

Two star rating: 12 formal part-time employees with UR-1 level or above are required to be recruited, and the team performance should reach 720 USDT or above. The reward is 70 USDT.

Three star level: Recruiting 50 formal part-time employees at UR-1 level or above, with a team performance of 3000 USDT or above. The reward is 450 USDT.

Four star rating: We need to recruit 200 formal part-time employees with a UR-1 level or above and a team performance of 12000 USDT or above. Reward 2500 USDT.

Five star rating: Recruiting 500 formal part-time employees at UR-1 level or above, with a team performance of 30000 USDT or above. The reward is 10000 USDT.

Promotion criteria

Every time promoted to a higher level, it is necessary to meet the team size and performance requirements of that level. The reward level needs to be gradually increased to complete the corresponding company tasks and requirements. Continuous performance rewards: During the continuous cycle, if the team can continuously achieve the corresponding performance goals, they can continue to receive corresponding levels of team contribution rewards.

Position promotion

Employees who become managers or above will be eligible to apply to become full-time employees of the company and enjoy corresponding employee benefits and salary benefits. Please note that the above reward standards are aimed at encouraging team collaboration and performance improvement, promoting the overall development of the company. Go to the contribution award and bring a picture to match

Community Overview

Explore our community: a vibrant and positive communication platform

Welcome to join our community, it is an ideal place for users to communicate, share, and learn. On this vibrant platform, every user can freely post positive images and text, including but not limited to

Show off the size and achievements of your team.

Share success stories of deposits, withdrawals, and salaries.

In addition, browsing and publishing content every day not only enriches your knowledge and experience, but also brings you additional income. The community is filled with innovative and beneficial new content, providing you with opportunities for continuous learning.

We encourage every member to actively participate in community activities and work together to create a positive and mutually supportive environment for growth. Every interaction you have will add more color to the community.

Let's be active in the community together, share knowledge, and create the future together!

Unicorn Platform Development Report

Since its official operation in February 2020, the Unicorn Digital Robot Platform has rapidly grown into a popular technology platform worldwide. Our business covers the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Vietnam, Denmark, New Zealand, and Italy, providing services to millions of daily active users.

User growth and market expansion

As of now, our daily active users have exceeded 1 million, which is a direct proof of our strong market attractiveness and user stickiness. In August 2023, we further expanded into the Romanian market and began trial operations, marking our further expansion in the European market.

Technological innovation and service optimization

In terms of technology and services, we constantly innovate to meet ever-changing market demands. Unicorn digital robots utilize advanced algorithms to provide users with efficient and reliable digital asset management services. Our team has been committed to optimizing user experience, ensuring the security and ease of use of the platform.

Market response and user feedback

Since its opening up, we have received positive feedback from users worldwide. Customers have shown high satisfaction with our products, especially in terms of operational convenience and return on investment. Our market research shows that users have a very high level of trust and willingness to recommend the unicorn platform.

Future outlook

Looking ahead, the unicorn platform will continue to expand its influence in the global market and further improve the quality of products and services. We plan to enter more international markets and continue to invest in technological innovation to maintain our leading position in the field of digital asset management.

Future Development Plan for Unicorn Platform

As a rapidly developing technology company, Unicorn Platform is committed to becoming a leading global digital asset management platform. Our future development plan aims to expand our market influence, strengthen technological innovation, and continuously improve user experience.


Market expansion and diversification

  • -Global market expansion: Plan to enter more countries and regions in the next five years, especially emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. -Diversified products and services: Develop and launch new financial products, including but not limited to cryptocurrency transactions, digital asset loans, and insurance services.

Technological innovation and research and development

  • -Enhance artificial intelligence capabilities: Invest in the research and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the efficiency and accuracy of trading algorithms. -The application of blockchain technology: exploring and applying blockchain technology to improve transaction security and transparency.

User experience and customer service

  • -Improving user interface and interaction experience: Continuously optimizing user interface design to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly user experience. -Strengthen customer service: Establish a multilingual customer support team to provide 24/7 global customer service.

Partnership and community building

  • -Establishing strategic partnerships: Collaborate with financial institutions, technology companies, etc. to jointly explore markets and share resources. -Community participation and construction: Actively participate in blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, establish user loyalty and brand recognition.

Regulatory compliance and risk management

  • -Strengthen regulatory compliance: Ensure global business complies with national laws and regulations. -Risk management and security measures: Strengthen the risk management framework to ensure the security of platform and user assets.

The Unicorn platform is committed to becoming a leader in the field of digital asset management, and our future development plan will lead us towards a broader market and provide users with better services. We look forward to continuing to grow and innovate in the constantly changing digital world.